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~ Tuesday, May 7 ~


  • Icetigris: what if magical girl loyalists
  • Ripuku: There's already been Magical Girl Corvo, I don't see why not.
  • Icetigris: heretical magical girl loyalists
  • templarsinschool: hey
  • templarsinschool: "For Justice and Honor, the fabulous stripper priest TEAGUE MARTIN! In the name of the outsider I will punish you!"
  • Ripuku: AHAHA
  • Ripuku: If it were Daud, we could call him Whaler Moon.
  • templarsinschool: LKFJSOIFJSLKF
  • etherronery: omg
  • etherronery: perf
  • Icetigris: Corvo can be Tuxedo MAsk
  • templarsinschool: "Agent of Guilt and Regret, the coat wearing, cigarette smoking WHALER MOON! In the name of the Outsider, I will punish you!"
  • Ripuku: YES
  • pyroinsomnia: ohgosh, this is a... fascinating conversation to walk in on xD
  • Ripuku: Hahaha
  • templarsinschool: yes
  • templarsinschool: idk this always happens when we're around
  • Icetigris: Sailor Havelock, can have water powers or something
  • Ripuku: Pree typical of us.
  • Icetigris: Sailor Pendleton can drink a lot
  • Icetigris: what about Piero and Sokolov
  • Icetigris: science bros
  • templarsinschool: omg I don't even watch sailor moon
  • templarsinschool: but I guess a sailor moon au has been born
  • Ripuku: And they're all straight up incompetent, which is why Tuxedo Masked Miscreant has to come in and save them all.
  • templarsinschool: bless
  • Ripuku: Was too good a thing to pass up.
  • Icetigris: actually, Corvo should really be the leader and Emily should be Tuxedo Mask
  • Icetigris: in her white tuxedo-like outfit
  • templarsinschool: omg
  • templarsinschool: ugh emily you're too cute
  • Ripuku: And they're fighting Queen Burrows and the entirety of the Negaverse? AHahah
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